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Wood Floor Refinishing Pasadena

Are you looking for wood floor refinishing in Pasadena? Do you have worn out wood floor and you are looking to give it a proper facelift? Or maybe you are looking to give your wood floor that new hardwood floor shine back? If yes is an answer to any of those questions, then you have come to the right place!

At Carpet Cleaning Pasadena we specialize in refinishing hardwood floors and we do it better than anyone else. No need to wait any longer, call the hardwood flooring professionals at Carpet Cleaning Pasadena in Pasadena right now and we will gladly give you a free estimate today.

Your Local Wood Floor Refinisher

With many years of experience under our belt, Carpet Cleaning Pasadena has mastered the skill of wood floor refinishing. By working with the hardwood floor refinishing specialists at Carpet Cleaning Pasadena, be assured you are getting the best hardwood floor refinishing in the whole Pasadena area. Refinishing wood flooring can be very demanding and requires experience.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Methods

We can offer you a few types of refinishing to get that wood flooring restored to factory like conditions. Surely the most popular are buff & coat services, the most economic and true hassle free replacement for maintaining laminate wood flooring. All the scuffs, scratches and every day wear and tear on surface from living are eliminated through the buffing process and coating afterwards.

When it comes to real brand new shine and spark your hardwood floor needs a refinish that only our experts can pull off. They completely strip down the existing floor by sanding it carefully and not omitting one spot. Then they add a brand new coat on it with a water based or oil based polyurethane. For a final finish coat you get to choose two types of finishes: gloss or satin.

At Carpet Cleaning Pasadena we can handle all aspects of wood floor refinishing. Do not hesitate and waste your time. Call us to act now 713-665-8171! No matter if it's your home or office in question we will be there to make your floor look the way it's supposed to once again.

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